7 Minute Stories for 7 Year Olds


A haunted house, trouble at the zoo, a

girl who gets zapped into a computer

game, the LOUDEST kid alive, a pirate

war, homework-stealing aliens, a family

of monsters, and much, much more in 

this collection of seven-minute stories!

6 Minute Stories for 6 Year Olds


An ice-cream eating dinosaur, a big, bad

smell, a lifesaving dog, zombies playing

soccer, a ghost in the garden, a knight-

slaying dragon, pets who get lost and

found again, and much, much more

in this collection of six-minute stories!


Ella Diaries #10: Friendship S.O.S


Ella is on holiday on a LUXURY cruise.

It's going to be AMAZING – swimming

pools, shopping mall, ice skating and

NO school for a week! Best of all, Zoe

is coming too! But then a friendship

catastrophe strikes and Ella's perfect

holiday looks doomed! Can she find a

new cruise BFF? Or will this voyage


Ella Diaries #9: Operation Merry Christmas


Moonlight Gardens Caravan Park has

closed, and Ella has to stay at home

this Christmas – it's going to be boring,

boring, BORING! So Ella comes up with

a plan to make the holidays excellently

excellent again. But then Peach Parker

announces she's organising her own

amazing Christmas party . . . and Ella's

not invited! Will all of Ella's plans be ruined?


still be a success?

Ella Diaries #7: Friends Not Forever


It's Ella's big chance for a starring role

in this year's school play. But while

Peach Parker is busy trying to stop Ella

from succeeding, Zoe ends up winning

the prize part. Zoe spends all her time

rehearsing with the new girl, Amethyst,

so Ella tells her to go be her new BFF!

Oh no! Will Ella and Zoe patch up their

friendship in time to save the play?

Ella Diaries #6: Pony School Showdown


Ella joins Zoe at Pony School for the holidays.

When meanie Peach Parker turns up, they

fear it will be the WORST idea EVER! But the

tables turn when Peach is knocked off her perch

by posh girls Letitia and Lavinia. Will Ella's love

of horses be ruined by the new SNOBS in town?

And most confusing of all ... is Ella starting to

feel sorry for Peach?