Ella Diaries #13: Goal Power


Amethyst has started a soccer club for GIRLS ONLY

and Ella is super excited to be part of it! She dreams

of being a striker and scoring all the goals. But she

can't pass, can't dribble and can't kick a goal. Will

she ever be chosen for the team?

Ella Diaries #15: The Super-Secret Club


Ella's second-best friends keep whispering super-

secretively in class and disappearing at lunch time.

What's going on? Then Ella is invited to join SOAP,

the Secret Organisation for Amazing People. But

what do they do there? And does Ella really want

to join?

Ella Diaries #14: Diary Disaster


Ella's class is off to Turtle Island for their school trip,

where they will explore, do craft and maybe even see

BABY TURTLES hatching. She plans to record

everything in her SECRET DIARY. But with Her Royal

Pushiness Princess Peach Parker in her cabin, can

Ella's diary really be safe?

Olivia's Secret Scribbles #5: The Big Chicken Mystery


Olivia's school chickens need new homes. Olivia's

family take two, and so do some of her friends.

But their eggs keep disappearing. And then some

of the chickens do as well! Olivia needs to solve

the mystery of the missing eggs.

Olivia's Secret Scribbles#4: Super Science Stars


Olivia's school is having a super-awesome science 

fair! The best group will win the TOP PRIZE!

Olivia has lots of good ideas for their group project,

but new girl Bethany doesn't agree. What will they

make?Gooey slime? Exploding volcanoes?

A time machine?!

Olivia's Secret Scribbles #3: Amazing Acrobats


Everyone at Olivia's school is doing super-amazing

tricks on the play equipment. And then a Circus

Skills Workshop comes to town. But something is

wrong with Matilda. Why doesn't she want to go on

the trapeze? Olivia needs to find a way to make this

the best show ever!