The Ella Diaries #2

Ballet Backflip

 Ella dreams of being the lead in

the ballet recital, but she also wants

to be taken seriously. When MEAN


backflip in the playground, the school

is taken over by the new craze. Will

Ella backflip on her love of ballet?


Ballet Backflip is a must read for

every girl who enjoys being a girl.



Full of fun, life lessons and

challenges, Ella is a star!










The Ella Diaries #1

 Double Dare You

It's a new school year, and it's perfect.

Until class starts that is, and

EVERYTHING goes wrong. Ella can't

believe her worst enemy ever, Peach, is

sitting next to her. And where's her BFF

Zoe? How can this year get any worse?


The Ella Diaries explore the real issues

girls face at school and home. Ella is

definitely not a wimpy kid – she's

resourceful, caring and real.



The writing is sharp and funny. I was

hooked on Ella from the first page.



The Cuddliest Hug

 Available February 2014 from

    Koala Books/Scholastic

'I've lost my mama and

 I'm all in a muddle.

Who's going to give me

My sleepy-time cuddle?'


Little Kanga is looking for his mum.

With the help of his bushland friends,

will he able to find her?


'...this book will hop into your hearts as 

it shows the beautiful bond between parent

and child ...'  :    PRACTICAL PARENTING


'Delightful . . . Sure to become a bedtime fave.'


My First Day at School

     Available October 2013 from

         Windy Hollow Books

      'We line up at the door

      with all the other families . . .

      I shake off Mum's hand and run

      inside to play.'


Meet four very different children – Ari and

Amira, Zach and Zoe – as they meet their

teacher, make friends and laugh their way

through their first day at school.


 * Teachers' Notes available

• If you would like your class to perform scenes from this book, CLICK HERE for the playscript 

Daddies are Lovely

 * Coming in August 2014 from Koala Books

 Daddies are lovely

They're warm and delicious,

They tickle and hug you

and shower you with kisses.


A warm and lively book about the special relationship

between fathers and their children.


Disaster Chef


Ollie's a footy champ, not a chef.

When his brother, Julian, is on a kids' cooking show, Ollie's world turns into a recipe for disaster.

Will Ollie be able to survive on the sidelines?


* Teacher's Notes available for this title