Photo Gallery

My brother Rod and me ready for a fancy dress party.
My brother Rod, sister Lyndel and me in the swinging 60s!
Our house. We have lots of different roses in our garden.
Molly on the verandah – it’s my favourite reading spot in summer.
Jack and Molly in the haystack on the farm where I grew up.
Molly on the farm. She’s chased away all the cows!
Molly at four weeks with one of her sisters
Molly at four months
Harriet loves to sit in my in-tray when I’m working
Harriet at three months, checking out my screen-saver
A rare shot of Harriet, Jack and Molly in the one place. Normally they’re chasing each other around the house!
Jack chasing Henrietta and Doris around our garden. Henrietta was the model for the chook on the cover of Oliver’s Egg. She was a champion layer!
My partner Paul Collins with Jack
Paul with Molly
Ping is a 'dumped' Pekin duck that Paul rescued.
He's about 4 weeks old here.
Ping seemed a bit lonely so we got him a mate called Pong!
They spend all their time together.
Ping and Pong in their pool.
Like all ducks, they love swimming!
Me in hospital in England after I was hit by a car in Paris. I had a dislocated shoulder and real Plaster of Paris on my broken leg!
When I was 22 I rode a bike around the Loire Valley in France with my friend Clare.
On the job for Challenge Magazine. I was interviewing the vet at the Melbourne Zoo. His next job was to pull out a tiger’s tooth (while he was under anaesthetic, thankfully!)
Me with the two Mary Grant Bruce Awards I won for my short stories back in the early 90s.
My writer friends Jane Tanner, Krista Bell and Margaret Clark
My friend Cathy Larsen and me at the launch of the Quentaris series. Quentaris is a fantasy series for kids put together by Paul Collins and Michael Pryor.
We all dressed up as pirates when Andy Griffiths and Paul launched my friend Sherryl Clark’s book, Pirates of Quentaris, at the Williamstown Festival.
< Leigh Hobbs, Jane Tanner and Marjory Gardner at the Dromkeen Literary Lunch in Riddells Creek.
Lorette Broekstra, Anne Spudvilas and me at Dromkeen
Signing books at the launch of Trust Me! (an anthology from Ford Street Publishing) with Marc McBride, Sofie Laguna, Hazel Edwards and Paul
Christina Booth and I at the launch of No Noise at Our House at Stories bookshop in Launceston, Tasmania.
Stories bookshop in Launceston, Tasmania.