Mummies are Amazing! (Henry Holt, USA, 2017)

Daddies are Awesome! (Henry Holt, USA, 2016)

Daddies are Great! (Scholastic UK, 2016)

Daddies are Great! (Koala Books/Scholastic 2015)

Wer schmust mit dem Kängaru? (Brunnen (Germany) 2015)

The Cuddliest Hug (Koala Books/Scholastic 2014)

My First Day at School (Windy Hollow Books 2013)

Daddies are Lovely (Koala Books/Scholastic 2013)

Bed Tails (Penguin Books, 2009)

My Baby Love (Hachette Children’s Books, 2009)

No Noise at Our House (Windy Hollow, Melbourne, 2008)

Doodledum Dancing (Penguin, Melbourne, 2006)

Totty's Potty (Australian Family Magazine, Melbourne, 2000)

Musical Harriet (illustrated by Craig Smith) (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '95)



Ella Diaries 

#1: Double Dare You (Scholastic 2015)

#2: Ballet Backflip (Scholastic 2015)

#3: I [Heart] Pets (Scholastic 2015)

#4: Dreams Come True (Scholastic 2015)

#5: Christmas Chaos (Scholastic 2015)

#6: Pony School Showdown (Scholastic 2016)

#7: Friends NOT Forever (Scholastic 2016)

#8: Worst Camp Ever (Scholastic 2016)

#9: Operation Merry Christmas! (Scholastic 2016)

#10: Friendship S.O.S. (Scholastic 2017)

#11: Going Green (Scholastic 2017)

#12: Total TV Drama (Scholastic 2018)

#13: Goal Power (Scholastic 2018)

#14: Diary Disaster (Scholastic 2018)

#15: The Super-Secret Club (Scholastic 2019)


Olivia's Secret Scribbles

#1: My New Best Friend (Scholastic 2018)

#2: My (Almost) Perfect Puppy (Scholastic 2018)

#3: Amazing Acrobats (Scholastic 2018)

#4: Super Science Stars (Scholastic 2018)

#5: The Big Chicken Mystery (Scholastic 2019)


Lightning Strikes

Disaster Chef (Walker, 2013)

Dog Squad (Walker, Sydney 2009)

Bindi: Behind the Scenes

Dive in Deeper (Random House, 2012)

A Ghostly Tale (Random House, 2012)

Dance Academy

Tara: Learning to Fly (ABC Books, 2010)

Tara: Everything to Lose (ABC Books, 2012)

Tara: Catch Me If I Fall (ABC Books, 2012)

A Year in Girl Hell

Crushed (Hardie Grant Egmont, 2009)

Dumped (Hardie Grant Egmont, 2009)

Burned (Hardie Grant Egmont, 2009)

Trashed (Hardie Grant Egmont, 2009)

Omnibus edition (Hardie Grant Egmont, 2011)

Aussie Nibbles

Rosie and Ned and the Creepy Cave (Penguin, 2010)

Rosie and the Bunyip (Penguin, Melbourne, 2008)

Rosie to the Rescue (Penguin, Melbourne, 2007)

Oliver's Egg (Penguin, Melbourne, 2003)

The Sandpit War (Penguin, Melbourne, 2002)

Freeing Billy (Penguin, Melbourne, 2000)

All Stars

Maddy, Goal Defence (Black Dog Books, Melbourne, 2005)

Josie, Wing Attack (Black Dog Books, Melbourne, 2005)

Ali, Goal Attack (Black Dog Books, Melbourne, 2006)

Heartbreak High

Rap Pack : Heartbreak High (Book 1) (Penguin, Melbourne, UK, Germany, '94)

Offside : Heartbreak High (Book 2) (Penguin, Melbourne, UK, Germany, '94)

The Nannies

The Nanny Exchange (Hodder Headline, Sydney, '97)

London Blues (Hodder Headline, Sydney, '97)

The Nannies (compilation) (Hodder Headline, Sydney, 2002)

Dolly Fiction (as Gemma Carey)

Hot Licks (Pan MacMillan, Sydney, UK, South Africa, '92)

Summertime Blues (Pan MacMillan, Sydney, '93)

Barbie Sweethearts (as Gemma Carey)

Moving to the Beat (Reed for Kids, Melbourne, '96)

Mystery Dancer (Reed for Kids, Melbourne, '96)

Hot Skatin' Barbie (Reed for Kids, Melbourne, '97)

Pink Pearls (Reed for Kids, Melbourne, '98)


Night of the Voodoo Doll (HarperCollins, Sydney, '97)

Danny Dangerfield Mysteries

Skyjinx! (with Bambi Smyth) (Penguin, Melbourne, 2000)

Madhouse! (with Bambi Smyth) (Penguin, Melbourne, 2000)


Get a Life with Freddy and Fifi (with Leigh Hobbs) (Penguin, Melbourne, '99)



Six Minute Stories for Six Year Olds (with Paul Collins) (Scholastic 2017) 

Seven MInute Stories for Seven Year Olds (with Paul Collins) (Scholastic 2017)



'Icky Does a Hanger' in Speecy-Tacular AFL Stories (Penguin Random House 2018)

'Nutbush' in Laugh Your Head off Again and Again (Pan Macmillan 2017)



'Rodney, Who Was Mean to his Sister, and Copped It Big Time' and 'What I Am / What I'm Not' (This Is Home: Essential Australian Poems for Children, National Library of Australia, 2019

An Orchestra in My Room (One Minute Till Bedtime, Little, Brown, USA 2018)



My Life in the Wild series (Weldon Owen/Animal Planet, 2012)

Penguin / Gorilla / Elephant / Kangaroo / Otter / Cheetah / Panda / Lemur

Science at Play series
(Five Mile Press, Melbourne, 2009)

Molly’s Rainbow My First Science Book About Light

Max’s Scooter – My First Science Book About Forces

Tango’s Surprise – My First Science Book About Weight

Bear’s Bright Idea – My First Science Book About Heat


[Activity pages for] Tashi and the Golden Jawbone/Giant Squid/Big Scoop/Magic Carpet  (Allen&Unwin 2015)

It's True: Hauntings Happen and Ghosts Get Grumpy (Allen & Unwin, Melbourne, 2006)

Avoid Being a Convict Sent to Australia (Koala/Book House, UK, 2005)

50 Famous Australians (Penguin, Melbourne, 2003)

Rock Raps: Five Decades of Popular Music (True Stories series) (Little Ark, Melb, '97)

Lift-Off Fun Book (co-writer) (Heinemann, Melbourne, '93)

Fun and Games: Activities for Children 2-6 (co-writer) (Nursing Mothers Association, Melbourne, '92)



Legends in their Own Lunchbox (Macmillan Ed, 2013-14)

Stella and the Pet Parade

Stella's Got Talent

Stella and the Movie Star

Stella: Circus Star

Stella and the Flash Mob

Stella's House of Horrors

Whole Child

Jazzy's Party (Pearson Education, Melbourne, 2008)

Kickball Rules! (Pearson Education, Melbourne, 2008)

Making Connections

Strike Three (EPS, Cambridge, USA, 2008)

Little Rock Nine (EPS, Cambridge, USA, 2008)

At the Scene of the Crime (EPS, Cambridge, USA, 2008)

Ripper Reads

Dog-gone! (Five Mile Press, Melbourne, 2005) (as Keeley Morgan)

Hektor's Helpline (Five Mile Press, Melbourne, 2003)

My Dorky Dad (Five Mile Press, Melbourne, 2004)

Excuses, Excuses (Five Mile Press, Melbourne, 2004)

Literacy 2000

Errol the Peril (Mimosa, Melbourne, '95)

Dear Future (Mimosa, Melbourne, '95)

Dear Future II: The Journal (Shortland, Auckland, '97)


My Brother, the Spy (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '97)

Party For Five (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '98)

The Mummy's Curse (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '98)

Trend Fiction

Caught in the Act (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '97)

Duncan Takes a Dunk (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '97)

The Big Time (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)


Rosey's Nose: Trilogy (Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne, '99)

Goofy Foot: Trilogy (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)


Spaced Out (with Paul Collins) (Macmillan, Melbourne, '97)

The Sneak (Macmillan, Melbourne, '97)


Sticky Fingers (Blake Education, Sydney, ‘97)


Tark's Find (Macmillan, Melbourne, 2000)

Patch on Patrol (Macmillan, Melbourne, 2000)

Just Kids

Trumpet Trouble (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Liar, Liar (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Something's Missing (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Kids for Hire (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Making Connections

The Wallet in the Woods (Educators Publishing Service/Harcourt, Melbourne, 2006)

Windows on Literacy

Anna at Ellis Island (National Geographic Society, Washington, USA 2006)

Gina’s Puppy (National Geographic Society, Washington, USA 2006)

Carson Street Kids

The Luge Race (Carson Dellosa, North Carolina, USA, 2007)

Carson Street Hockey (Carson Dellosa, North Carolina, USA, 2007)

Emergent Readers

Let's Build a Tower (Mimosa/Rigby, Melbourne, '92)

Bossy Bettina (Mimosa/Rigby, Melbourne, '93)

Inside or Outside (Mimosa/Rigby, Melbourne, '93)

The Hat Came Back (Mimosa/Rigby, Melbourne, '95)

Clouds (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

Our Goat (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

Quackety, Yakkety, Quack (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

We Went Fishing (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

My Dad's Truck (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

Come to Our Concert! (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '96)

Grumpy Grizzly (Mimosa, Melbourne, '96)

The Great Space Race (Mimosa, Melbourne, '96)

Rainy Day Sounds (Mimosa, Melbourne, '96)

Mum's Secret (Scholastic Aust, Sydney, '97)

Moving House (Barrie Education, Melbourne, '97)

I'm Hiding (Barrie Education, Melbourne, '99)

First Comes Red (Barrie Education, Melbourne, '99)

My Dad's Firetruck (Barrie Education, Melbourne, '99)

Graphic novels

 (Rigby, Port Melbourne, 2007)

Kite Challenge
 / The New Kid / 
Puppy Problems / 
Camp Crisis / 
Finals Fever
 / Kie-Yuh!
 / Rubbish!
 / Finders Keepers / 
 / Harmony Day / 
T-Day / 
Welcome to Wattlevale
 / The Platypus Secret
 / Fair Enough!
 / House of Horrors

Non-fiction books 

Discovery Education (Weldon Owen, Sydney 2011)

The End of Pompeii / Tombs of the Pharaohs / The Life Cycle of Sharks / Reptiles on the Move / Life in a Tepee / All in the Family / Spies Revealed

Super Stars (Weldon Owen, Sydney 2010)

Face Painting / Be Healthy / Grow Grass Creatures / All About Fossils / Meet a Beekeeper / Our Earth / How Drums Work / Meet an Astronaut / Going to School / Crazy Festivals / All About Sharks / Tadpole to Frog / PowerPoint Presentations / Schoolyard Games / Dangerous Jobs / Monkey and Apes / How Bees Make Honey / Meet the Wright Brothers / Let’s Celebrate / Space Junk / Secret World of Spies / Magnificent Mummies

Robyn Archer (Makers and Shakers series) (Heinemann Library, Melbourne, '97)

The Really Big Beliefs Book (Curriculum Corporation, Melbourne, 2005)

Macmillan Countries (with Paul Collins)
 Macmillan Ed, Melbourne, 2000)

Welcome to: China
 / France / Japan / France / Russia / Brazil / USA / UK / Germany / South Africa / Indonesia / Greece / Canada / Mexico / Israel / Egypt / Spain / India


At the Scene of the Crime (EPS, Cambridge, USA, 2008)

The Little Rock Nine (EPS, Cambridge, USA, 2008)

The Aztecs (National Geographic Society, Washington, USA 2006)

Simple Machines (Carson Dellosa, North Carolina, USA, 2007)

Marvellous Mexico (Carson Dellosa, North Carolina, USA, 2007)

Countdown! (Scholastic, Sydney, '93)

Measure Up! (Scholastic, Sydney, '93)

Where on Earth...? (Scholastic, Sydney, '93)

Time After Time (Scholastic, Sydney, '94)

Maths Around the World (Scholastic, Sydney, '93)

Little Green Readers (48 titles) (Macmillan, Melbourne, '99)

In Search of the Mummy (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2001)

The Secret World of Spies (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2001)

Lost in the Bush (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2001)

The Voyage Out (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2001)

Saving Kow Park (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2003)

Australian Dinosaurs (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2003)

The Diary of John King (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2003)

Exploring Australia (Barrie Publishing, Melbourne, 2003)

Across Ice and Snow (McGraw Hill, Chicago, 2004)

Living Together (McGraw Hill, Chicago, 2004)

Sweet Bees (McGraw Hill, Chicago, 2004)

Forest Fires (National Geographic, Washington DC, 2004)

Caves (National Geographic, Washington DC, 2004)

Tracking Through Letters, Invitations and Emails (Rigby, Melbourne, 2005)

Camp Calamity (Rigby (2005) Melbourne

Ella's Big Night Out (Rigby (2005) Melbourne

The Loch Ness Monster: Fact or Fiction? (Educators Publishing Service/Harcourt, Melbourne, 2006)

In Search of the Yeti (Educators Publishing Service/Harcourt, Melbourne, 2006)


Co-editor (with Paul Collins)
 Spinouts Silver: a series of 15 science fiction and fantasy anthologies (Longman, Melbourne, '99)

Spinouts Bronze: a series of 15 science fiction and fantasy anthologies (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Thrillogies: a series of 15 adventure and mystery anthologies (Longman, Melbourne, 2000)

Spinouts Sapphire: a series of 15 science fiction and fantasy anthologies (Longman, Melbourne, 2002)


Various articles on a diverse range of subjects in Comet, Explore, Challenge and Pursuit magazines (all published by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, in association with Pearson Education, from 1982 – 2010)