No Noise at Our House

You have to be ever so quiet when
you come to our house.
There are animals living here.
Wild animals.
They're sleeping now.
And you couldn't - wouldn't -
want to wake them up.
Would you?


‘Costain’s rhythmic text and direct address to the reader will entice a rousing read aloud.’ -- Magpies

‘the clever, crafted text and visually vibrant illustrations bubble with excitement on each opening’ -- Graham Davey, Reading Time

The Really Big Beliefs Project

Emma Barnard and Thomas Cho (from class 6W) have chosen to write about people’s beliefs for their class project. They’ve talked to family, friends and people in their neighbourhood to discover how their daily lives are informed and affected by their beliefs. Emma and Thomas look at Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Judaic and secular, as well as Shinto and Taoist, beliefs.


"An excellent book which will spark much discussion and thought in the classroom" -- Austral Ed Book News

Rosie to the Rescue

Rosie loves the shiny red fire engine that lives next door. Only one thing could be better – a fire engine of her own!

Rosie and the Bunyip

Is it a bunyip? Or a roznesserus? Can Rosie solve the mystery of the scary howling noise down by Ghost Gum Creek?


'an enchanting story about imagination and how it can get away from you. Rosie is lively and inventive. Another great Australian book for early readers.'  - Tina Cavanough, Magpies

Rosie and Ned and the Creepy Cave

Ned is scared of going to Ghost Gum Creek with Rosie. That's where Witchy Nell lives, and she might turn Ned into a frog!