Bed Tails


There are two in the bed . . .

Mum and Dad are slumbering,
snoring, rumbling,
tucked up cosily and peacefully in bed . . .

Until a scary storm outside brings everyone into Mum and Dad’s bed, one by one.
Will they ever get a good night’s sleep?


'Children's tale up with the best' - Amanda Horswill, Brisbane Courier Mail

'Funny and attractive, full of life and lively action ... a delightful romp' - Reading Time

‘with its bouncy rhyme and infectious rhythm... the illustrations reflect the exuberant text. A humorous read aloud for 3 to 7 year olds.’ -- Magpies

• Nominated for the Lower Primary category of the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award

• CBCA Notable Book


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Dog Squad

For the Dog Squad there’s no job too small, no mission too dangerous. Especially if there’s cash involved.

But when they take on Operation Collect Big-time things don’t go to plan. Has the Dog Squad bitten off more than it can chew?


‘Fast-paced, fun-filled entertainment ... [a] mini-masterpiece.’ -- Jo Burnell, The Reading Stack

‘Perfect for readers who want short chapter books that are fast paced, full of giggles and excitement and are great reads.’ -- Chris Cheng, New Kidz Books in Oz

A Year in Girl Hell


It’s the first year of high school and everything’s changing. 

Lexi feels like a loser in her new class.

Michi's being bullied because of a boy.

Mia's going through a hard time at home.

And Alysha is desperate to get in with the popular group.

And that's before they've even worked out where to sit at lunch.

High School is shaping up to be HELL!



A heart warming story about friendship that matters and how being true to yourself helps you find it. Highly recommended.' - Reading Time

‘An insightful and realistic exploration of issues familiar to the teen years... It captures the teenage voice and will be popular with readers’-- Magpies

‘an insightful glimpse into the dramas of approaching the teenaged years’
-- Susan Whelan,

A Year in Girl Hell Book One: Crushed


It’s the first year of high school and everything’s changing. One of my besties is in a different class and the other has started hanging out with the shiny people. I’m torn between sticking with my old friends or getting the shinies to like me. But there’s a gorgeous boy in the cool group that I can’t stop thinking about.

Will I fit in or be Lexi the Loser forever?

A Year in Girl Hell Book Two: Dumped

Even though I’ve made some great new friends, I’m not quite sure where I fit in, And when girls at school start sending me nasty emails, my world’s turned upside down. Am I turning into Michi the reject?

A Year in Girl Hell Book Three: Burned

I’ve always been there for my friends when they need me. So where are my friends now that I need them? My grandfather is really sick and my supposed besties are too busy to notice. Will I always just be Mia in the middle?