Ella Diaries #6: Pony School Showdown


Ella joins Zoe at Pony School for the holidays.

When meanie Peach Parker turns up, they

fear it will be the WORST idea EVER! But the

tables turn when Peach is knocked off her perch

by posh girls Letitia and Lavinia. Will Ella's love

of horses be ruined by the new SNOBS in town?

And most confusing of all ... is Ella starting to

feel sorry for Peach?

Ella Diaries #8: Worst Camp Ever

Ella's arrived at school camp and she

can't wait for the fun to begin! But then

she discovers there are spooky noises

outside at night, hair-raising camp

activities to do, plus she has to share

a cabin with scheming Peach Parker.

How will Ella manage to avoid Peach's

pranks and the petrifying Giant Swing 

for a whole week? This is going to be

the worst camp EVER!

Ella Diaries #5: Christmas Chaos


Ella can't wait to have Christmas at Moonlight

Gardens Caravan Park, right on the beach,

with her best friend Zoe, and her 'SUMMER


But when Ella's SBFFs go missing, she's

dragged off to Krafty Kids Klass (bleuchhh!) 


happens, her perfect holiday turns into CHAOS!


Tashi and the Golden Jawbone

Tashi and the Magic Carpet

Tashi and the Giant Squid

Tashi and the Big Scoop


Each book contains a Tashi story

written by Anna Fienberg and

Barbara Fienberg, based on scripts

of the TV show by Flying Bark

productions, and 20 pages

of puzzles, games and activities

created by Meredith Costain.


Daddies are Great!


Daddies are lovely,

they're warm and delicious,

they tickle and hug you

and shower you with kisses.


A warm and lovely book about

the special relationship between

fathers and their children.


This book has a rating of extremely adorable. 

Perfect for Father's Day! Angela Hall, Joey Jumpers

The Ella Diaries #4

Dreams Come True

 Ella dreams of meeting pop star Cassi

Valentine. But when her school enters

a competition to win a visit from Cassi,

Ella and her WORST ENEMY EVER,

Peach Parker, have to work together.

Can they put aside their differences?

The whole school is counting on them!