Olivia's Secret Scribbles #2: My (Almost) Perfect Puppy


Olivia's dog Bob is friendly and cuddly. He is a

PERFECT puppy (almost). But sometimes he

gets into mischief.

• He loves to chew things.

• He's always eating.

• He is bouncy and jumpy and he chases cats.

Olivia needs to invent a way to keep Bob out

of trouble!

Olivia's Secret Scribbles #1: My New Best Friend


Ella's cheeky little sister finally has her own series!

She has so many super-amazing and important 

things to tell you about! Like

• a brand new bedroom upstairs in the attic

• all the new inventions she's been planning

• the someone who's been sneaking into her room

• the mysterious new girl next door.

She's going to find out exactly what's going on!


The Ella Diaries #12: Total TV Drama


Ella's been chosen for the team for a TV game

show called QUIZ-ZAM! But her TV dreams

soon turn into TOTAL DRAMA when Zoe

doesn't make the team and know-it-all Peach

gets her spot instead. Worst of all, the other

team on the show are super smart.

Will Ella and Peach embarrass themselves 

on national television? Or can they work out

a way to share the spotlight?

Ella Diaries #11: Going Green


Ella's school is going green! And there's going

to be an election to choose a Planet Protector

Captain! Being Captain is Ella's dream: she'll get

to be in charge of all the cool projects and get to 

wear a sparkly uniform! But sneaky Peach wants 

to be Captain too, and will stop at nothing to get

more votes. Will Ella get the top job, or will Peach

rule the school once again?

7 Minute Stories for 7 Year Olds


A haunted house, trouble at the zoo, a

girl who gets zapped into a computer

game, the LOUDEST kid alive, a pirate

war, homework-stealing aliens, a family

of monsters, and much, much more in 

this collection of seven-minute stories!

6 Minute Stories for 6 Year Olds


An ice-cream eating dinosaur, a big, bad

smell, a lifesaving dog, zombies playing

soccer, a ghost in the garden, a knight-

slaying dragon, pets who get lost and

found again, and much, much more

in this collection of six-minute stories!