Dance Academy - Learning to Fly

Tara Webster is prepared to leave her family and beloved country town behind and move to the National Academy of Dance to pursue her dream of becoming a principal ballerina. But can she navigate the minefields of demanding teachers, gorgeous boys and backstabbing ballerinas? Does Tara have what it takes to make it in the brutal and tumultuous world of ballet?


5/5 stars - Reviewed by Kira McDonald, Jul 07 2010.

This book was great for me in so many ways, it has inspired me to dance again as well as all the other books. I never thought I was going to dance again, but this book has given me another lease for life. I hope to fulfil my dreams as Tara did in this book. If you are into dance or teenage drama this book will be the best book for you, and you should read the other books and get a perpective of dancing from different veiws, and really take in what happens in this book, it will change your life, maybe like it has for mine.